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Debt Consulting

We understand that debt can be an increasingly difficult situation if not handled properly and swiftly.

Real Estate Consulting

Property is a popular form of investment, and can yield high return rates for those who

Bankruptcy Consulting

COVID-19 has created an unfortunate and unprecedented economic situation for a lot of people that

National Credit Help Areas Of Expertise

The National Debt Elimination & Education Organization. Helping our clients to take baby steps before reaching for the skies.

Debt Management Consulting

This service is for individuals and families who want help with understanding their credit and the options they have. We'll educate you and assist in making arrangements with your creditors. When you choose National Credit Help over your hardship you will receive our Credit Education Package with outlined tips on dealing with your creditors and your rights as a consumer


We offer various seminars throughout the year and memberships to our phone consulting service nation wide. We cover topics such as budgeting, homebuyer's education, student loans, handling collection agency calls and loan sourcing. Clients of National Credit Help receive a Credit Education package with an ongoing semi annual phone-consulting package. National Credit Help believes the average person never planned to stop paying their bills. Instead, real life happened. They got a divorce, had a baby, lost a job or were injured in an accident. In our experience most individuals in hardship situations and getting calls from bill collectors are either unaware of their options, or confused among the options available." Despite their best intentions some consumers will find themselves financially overwhelmed. National Credit Help was created for this person.

Referral Services

If you are having trouble buying a home refinancing your mortgage, or are having problems with student loan repayment, we can refer you to companies that can help. Our partnerships are many in the financial field and contacting our office puts them all in your corner.

Students Edge

Resources and representation for College or University Students: Increasing numbers of students are obtaining credit and incurring large debt. National Credit Help can help you preserve your credit rating before it's too late. With extensive knowledge in the Student Loan field, we can walk you through the process of repaying your student loans and recovering blemishes already made. Most students are not aware of all grants, rights or options allowed to them when finishing school. We have seen many fall into the hands of bill collector' s shortly after the student leaves school. Students are unprepared and uneducated in the repayment process and enter into default. Our offices will guide you through cleaning this up.

Brokers Edge

Assisting Brokers close more mortgages deals, by reducing their customers TDS or GDS. Our office will secure commitment letters from all creditors allowing your client to refinance their home with no risk of leans from creditors. This option is only available to brokers we have a partnership with. If you are interested in becoming a member broker please contact us. With National Credit Help as your partner in refinance, we help secure a repeating relationship with your consumers.

Bankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy is a serious matter that will have a long-term impact on a consumer's life and credit. Before taking that drastic step, let us help you consider all of your options and find you National Credit Help. We work for you! Take the first step of breaking the bad debt trap by simply calling one of our experienced agents for a totally free, no obligation consultation. We will be happy to give you as much help and advice as you need to help you resolve your financial problems, even if you don't qualify for the program. We will show you how we can help eliminate your unsecured debt to up to 50% of the current balance including all payments and fees. This is your chance to get back to living your life and stop worrying about your debts. All creditor calls are redirected to our office and we inform your creditors that we are working on your behalf. We deal directly with your creditors for you, relieving the pressure and stress associated with handling creditor calls. We use the full force of our collection knowledge as Ex-Credit Collectors to protect you at all times. We take away the uncertainty of "What is going to happen next?" and show you a way out of the trap. Don't Stay Trapped In Debt, Do Something About It Today.


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